Bar Jokes
3.9The Blind Mans Blonde Joke
3.4Embarrassing situations!
3.4Monkey Business
3.3Blind guy in a lesbian bar
3.3Two dwarfs go into a bar...
3.3The Drunken Man
3.2Bartender psychiatrist
3.220 shots...
3.2An Irishman, an Italian, and a Polish guy
3.26 shots!

Category List : Sport : Football
Fernando Torres
Manchester United
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2.61Animal Football
2.58Kevin Keegan Quotes
2.58Sunderland football
2.54Bill Shankly Quotes
2.48Three Clubs...
2.45Heavy rain
2.43Football chant of the season
2.40New Mr Men book
2.40Figo, Ronaldo and Beckham
2.40Michael Owen
2.37Talk Sport on Saturday
2.33If Premiership Teams Were Women
2.32Job Applications
2.31Do the Crouch
2.30Theos world cup diary !!!
2.29Roeder and Shearer
2.29Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road...
2.28Speeding Psycho
Latest Jokes
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3.4Horsemeat Jokes
2.9The ultimate ethnic joke
1.7Knock Knock 8
1.1Interupting sheep
2.1Snake School
2.4Scared Numbers
2.3Olympic Tan
2.3Job Applications

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