Blonde Jokes
3.9The Blind Mans Blonde Joke
3.7The blonde and the lawyer
3.4Businessman and blonde on plane
3.4I'm Blonde, I'm Beautiful, I'm Going To New York...
3.3First class blonde
3.3Blind guy in a lesbian bar
3.2A Blonde At The Doctors
3.2Haircolour doesn't matter/Blonde joke
3.1Blonde Teacher
3.1The Mirror

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3.50Y2K Statement
3.15Things That Are Difficult To Say When Drunk
2.88Dictionary by Gender
2.88New Slang Phrases
2.86New Research
2.82Church Bulletins
2.74Alternative definitions
2.68For you lexiophiles
2.6810 Words That Don't Exist, But Should
2.68New dictionary
2.60Essential additions for the workplace vocabulary
2.58A Mothers Dictionary
2.55Romance Mathematics
2.48More words that don't exist but should
2.36What can you hold but never touch?
2.22Shopping Mathematics
Latest Jokes
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3.4Horsemeat Jokes
2.9The ultimate ethnic joke
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1.1Interupting sheep
2.1Snake School
2.4Scared Numbers
2.3Olympic Tan
2.3Job Applications

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