Short Jokes
3.7How To Stop People From Bugging You About Getting Married
3.7Silent fart
3.7The One-Line Genius Of Tim Vine
3.5What kind of bees make milk?
3.5Boiled egg!
3.4Two Nuns And A Vampire
3.4A compliment...
3.3Horse racing addiction

Category List : Bar Jokes
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2.06Woodworm Walks into a Bar
2.42Nitrogen, Carbon, and Oxygen are in a bar...
2.49Oranges at a bar
3.32The Drunken Man
2.46Hazelnut Daiquiri
2.71Something Amazing!
2.63A landlord is behind the bar...
2.49Tarmac drink
3.20Bartender psychiatrist
2.84Blonde and the ladder
3.1820 shots...
3.42Embarrassing situations!
3.18An Irishman, an Italian, and a Polish guy
2.49Monster Outside A Bar
2.06Blondes walk into a bar!
3.16The Golden Saloon
2.31Van Gogh In The Bar
1.86A Pint David
2.41Date a Donkey?
2.45Dyslexic man...
Latest Jokes
3.3More Horsemeat Jokes... Now With Added Shergar
3.4Horsemeat Jokes
2.9The ultimate ethnic joke
1.7Knock Knock 8
1.1Interupting sheep
2.1Snake School
2.4Scared Numbers
2.3Olympic Tan
2.3Job Applications

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