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4.4Sydney radio - This is a corker
4.3The best 'dear john' letter ever
4.3Jimmy Carr Quotes...
4.3Top 5 Snappy Answers
4.2Long winded, but worth the read
4.1If you ever get pulled over for speeding!
4.1Council and housing association complaints
4.0Job Application
4.0Why Men Shouldn't Write Advice Columns
3.9Job Interview 'Killer Question'

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3.36You best feature...
2.95Visiting time
3.15Vengeance is Mine
2.60Chicken and the egg
3.2025th Wedding Anniversary
3.21Personal ad
2.44Dyslexic couple
3.03Drunken excuses
3.23The Marriage Proposal
3.24Getting Naked
3.21Honeymoon code
3.25The Family Dinner
3.38Fart Football
3.14Drunk enough...
3.35A Busy Day In Heaven
3.00A Bunch Of Flowers
2.60Old Love
3.17The Wrong Approach
3.14Sex By Appointment
2.96Birthday Present
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