3.7The blonde and the lawyer
3.510 Husbands, Still a Virgin
3.4Australian Court Docket 12659
3.3I'm Fine!!
3.3Do You Really Have To Be Smart To Be A Lawyer?
3.2Sound like anyone you know ?
3.2Doctor, Lawyer and a Priest
3.0How Much To Mars?
3.0Two Lawyers in the Woods

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3.70Dark in here...
3.69Silent fart
3.64The driver
3.51A nun and a priest and a camel
3.51Tax Man
3.44Two Nuns And A Vampire
3.35A Busy Day In Heaven
3.314 sinful nuns
3.29The loving husband
3.29Obedient Wife
3.29Going to heaven
3.27Logical - isn't it?
3.27T.G.I.F. - Thank God it's Friday, or maybe not
3.24What Causes Arthritis?
3.24What A 'Sonofabitch'!!
3.23Watch out for the ducks!
3.23How did you go?
3.22Have you heard the one about the hippie and the nun
3.22Dubya and the Devil
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