Animal Jokes
3.63 wishes
3.5A nun and a priest and a camel
3.5What kind of bees make milk?
3.4Horsemeat Jokes
3.4Monkey Business
3.3More Horsemeat Jokes... Now With Added Shergar
3.2Three Hard Mice
3.2Doctor Dave
3.2The Musical Octopus

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2.57Really Terrible Joke...
3.06Rude Pianist
2.79Shaken not...
2.65Simple Problem?
2.77Smells Good
2.56Some one-liners
2.81Some things to think about...
2.79Some thoughts on life
2.51Some wise observations about life quite succinctly expressed.
3.36Spade Work
3.08Special sandals
1.98Stupid Tap Dancer
3.18Take off!
2.03Teletubbie psychology test
2.77The blue suit
2.95The Language of Love?
2.78The nun, the prostitute and the bride
Latest Jokes
3.3More Horsemeat Jokes... Now With Added Shergar
3.4Horsemeat Jokes
2.9The ultimate ethnic joke
1.7Knock Knock 8
1.1Interupting sheep
2.1Snake School
2.4Scared Numbers
2.3Olympic Tan
2.3Job Applications

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