True Stories
4.4Sydney radio - This is a corker
4.1Council and housing association complaints
3.7This is a compilation of actual student GCSE (15/16 year old
3.7How to resign in style
3.7A bricklayer's accident report
3.6Word Perfect Helpline
3.6Is Hell Exothermic Or Endothermic?
3.6US naval ship and the Canadian authorities
3.6Received from an English professor
3.5In-flight hunour

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2.17German robbed twice in five minutes
3.10GSCE Answers
3.72How to resign in style
3.45In-flight hunour
3.32Insurance Claim form quotes
3.59Is Hell Exothermic Or Endothermic?
3.05Military Performance Appraisals
3.25Most Embarrassing Moments
2.70Nominations for last year's best news headlines are:
2.85Only in America!!
2.76Only in the US legal system...
2.83Perfomance Evaluation
2.26Performance Reviews
2.99Real Family Fortunes responses
2.98Real notes to British milkmen
3.55Received from an English professor
2.73Science Answers...
2.72Science paper answers
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