3.3Gordan Strachan's Sky Sports Quotes
3.3Cup Final Seat
3.3Match of the day
3.1Blonde Teacher
3.0United and City Fans Car Crash
3.0FA Cup
2.9PC World Technical Support
2.9Ron Atkinson classic quotations
2.8Football Quotes
2.8How many Manchester City fans...

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Category List : Famous People : Bin Laden
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3.37What Company?
3.02A variation on the old light bulb jokes
2.96Differences between American-English and English-English
2.96Official language of the EU
2.95Message to the people of the USA
2.82The squirrel and the grasshopper
2.81Letís Be Honest
2.79Bin Laden
2.74Winston Churchills Sleepy Reply
2.72Ministry of Fish and Wildlife
2.71Clinton Survey
2.70Breaking news:
2.64Mahatma Gandhi
2.57Umm Qasr
2.56Switching Sides
2.52Oil Shortage
2.42Food for thought...
2.41Political Science
2.30How many senior Presidential Aides...
2.21Iraqi Stuntsman
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