4.3Top 5 Snappy Answers
3.9Wrong E-mail Address!
3.7Can you raed this? Olny 55 plepoe out of 100 can.
3.7Are you a Psycho ?
3.6Be strong...
3.6A Parent's Worst Nightmare!
3.6How the fight started...
3.59 months later
3.4Spade Work

Category List : Battle of The Sexes
Men on Women
Women on Men
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3.20Spending Priorities
3.19Birthday Night Out
3.17Sound like anyone you know ?
3.15The 5 toughest questions
3.15You can tell a lot from a shopping list
3.14What's in a name?
3.13A man's story
3.13How to Impress...
3.12Singles bar
3.12I want to die feeling like a woman
3.12Ideas for blokes to make shopping more interesting..............
3.11Wifes Birthday
3.11400 a night!
3.11Shady Past
3.11Not speaking
3.09By all Means... MARRY!
3.09The meaning of sex
3.08How To Shower
3.08Time an egg
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