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Lesson: keep your word!
Lancelot was a high ranking official in King Arthur’s court. He had one long-standing wish - to suck the Queen's voluptuous breasts to his heart's desire. Every time he passed the Queen he got frustrated.

One day, he revealed his desire to the King's chief adviser, Merlin, and begged him to do something about it. Merlin, after much thought, agreed on the condition that, afterward, Lancelot would have to pay Merlin 1,000 gold coins for arranging things.

Lancelot agreed.

The next day Merlin prepared a high voltage itching lotion and poured it into the Queen's bra which she had left out while she was taking a bath.
Soon the itching started and grew in intensity, much to the King's anxiety.

Consultations with doctors and Merlin revealed that only special saliva, if applied for four hours, would cure it. Merlin also added that such saliva was only to be found in Lancelot's mouth.

King Arthur summoned Lancelot, and for the next four hours Lancelot violently sucked the Queen's breasts. Licking biting, pressing, playing, he got what he always desired.

Satisfied, he returned and met Merlin, but since his mission was over and his lust satisfied, he refused to pay Merlin anything, and in fact he shooed him away.

Lancelot, of course knew that Merlin could never report this matter to the King. But Lancelot had underestimated Merlin…

Next day, Merlin duly put the same itching lotion in King Arthur 's underwear. Lancelot was again called by the King .....

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