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Lucky Leprechaun
Bob is in a casino playing pontoon. He's been there all evening. He's had a miserable run and lost almost everything. "Surely my luck must change" he thinks to himself. "I'll give it one last go." He pulls from his jacket pocket the deeds to his house. This represents everything he has left in this world.

The croupier deals the cards and he picks them up. First a jack - looks hopeful. Then a six "Sh*t !!!" he says to himself. "Sixteen - what am I going to do." He stares vacantly at the two cards in his hand as his future seems to ebb away. What is he going to do ??

Suddenly a leprechaun appears on his shoulder and looks at the cards and then at Bob. It starts jumping up and down saying "Twist, twist". Bob is awakened from his reverie by the noise and looks, slightly disbelievingly at the leprechaun.

"Who are you?" Bob says.

"Twist, twist" says the leprechaun.

"But I've got everything riding on this. I've already lost all of my money and car. If I lose this I've lost my house as well."

"Twist, twist" cries the leprechaun.

Bob looks at the leprechaun and thinks "Well perhaps ....." Eventually he decides to trust the leprechaun. "Twist" he says to the croupier. He turns the card offered. It is a two. Huge sigh of relief, perspiration wiped from brow, buttocks unclenched. "I'm OK" Bob thinks.

"Twist, twist" the leprechaun says, jumping up and down again.

"But, it's eighteen. That's a good score. I've got a good chance with that."


"Are you sure??"

"Yeah, you'll be OK. Twist, twist"

Bob agonises for a few seconds and eventually reasons that the leprechaun was right last time so he goes for it. "Twist, please" The croupier draws another card - an ace!

"Wow" says Bob to himself and sits back thinking he could now recover all he lost earlier. He is just about to place his cards face down when .....

"Twist, twist"

"What? But I've got 19. If I twist I'll probably go bust."

"Twist, twist. Go on!"

Bob thinks to himself that the leprechaun hasn't let him down yet so he decides to back it one last time.

"Twist please."

The croupier draws the card. Slowly Bob reaches for it and pulls it up to his hand. He looks at it. A two. Twenty One, a five card trick. He has done it. He's got his house back, recovered all his money and made a few grand on top. Yeeesssss!!!!!

The leprechaun who has now stopped jumping up and down is motionless, staring at the cards. It turns to Bob and says "You jammy b*stard!!"

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