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Winning Money on a Horse
A man walks into a bar and orders a drink. While waiting for his beer he notices a very large brandy glass filled to the brim with 10 pound notes. There was a sign behind the glass: "If you can make the horse in the back room laugh you will win all of this money". The man thinks to himself that this will be no problem, and he puts his 10 into the brandy glass.He goes into the back room and comes out a few minutes later. The horse is in the back room laughing his ass off, and the man collects his money and leaves. The next night the same man walks into the same bar. There is another oversized brandy glass filled with money, but the sign now reads: "If you can make the horse in the back room cry you will win all of this money". The very confident man puts his 10 in and goes into the back room, only to emerge a few minutes later with the horse crying like it's being tortured. As the man is collecting his cash the bartender asks him how in the world he managed to pull that one off. The man then explains that it was very easy. "The first night I told the horse that my penis was bigger than it's own, and the horse thought that was hillarious. The second night I showed the horse."

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