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Alternative definitions
LOVE: Four-letter word, two vowels, two consonants and two idiots.
DANCING: The vertical frustration of a horizontal desire.
HEADACHE: Method of contraception most widely used by women.
INTELLECTUAL: Someone capable of thinking for more than 2 hours about something other than sex.
PITIFUL: Someone with an erection who walks into a wall and breaks his nose.
TONGUE: Sexual organ which some degenerates use for the purpose of speech.
MONOGAMY: Repressed polygamy.
NANOSECOND: Fraction of time which occurs between the lights turning green and the car behind honking its horn.
NYMPHOMANIAC: Term applied by men to any woman who wants sex more than he does.
TEAMWORK: The possibility of putting the blame on others.
INTERVIEW: That which can be seen between the interviewee's legs.
ETERNITY: Period of time which lasts from when you finished until when you leave her in her house.
EASY: Term applied to any woman with the sexual morals of a man.
FOOTBALL: That which all women marry without knowing.
HARDWARE: The part of the computer which you kick when the software malfunctions.
IMPATIENCE: Waiting in a hurry.
INDIFFERENCE: Attitude adopted by a woman towards a man in whom she has no interest; interpreted by the man as "playing hard to get".
INFLATION: Having to pay next years prices on last year's salary.
QUANTUM PHYSICS: A black man, looking in the shadows for a black cat which isn't there.

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