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Sex therapy
A married couple went to a sex therapist to get help on their fading sex life. The therapist asked many questions and decided that the problem was a lack of spontinuity. He insisted that whatever time of day, if either should feel horny they should take advantage and have sex straightaway. He told the couple to try this for a fortnight and return.

Two weeks later they returned. They claimed that they had followed his advice but as well as a good side there was also a bad side. The therapist asked them to explain.

"Just the other day when my wife was bending over to get something out of the freezer I felt the urge and so I lifted her skirt and made love to her right there, right then." said the husband. "And it's improved our love life no end."

The therapist queried them, "then what could possibly be the bad side?"

The wife replied, "Well now we're banned from Asda!"

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