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Terrible Gag
An orphan named Simon has dreamed of appearing on 'Stars in Their Eyes' since he was a small boy, living with his aunt and uncle in Leeds. He writes to Matthew Kelly year after year, and finally gets an audition.

The audition goes really well and he drives back up to Leeds to celebrate getting on the show, but as he is nearing home he has a terrible car accident, and loses his legs due to horrendous crush injuries. The surgeon who removes the mangled legs 'phones his relatives to break the awful news. When Simon's aunt related the tragedy to her husband, he collapses and dies of a heart attack. Hearing the terrible plight of the family, the surgeon suggests that, as they are blood relatives, he would like to try grafting the legs of the freshly deceased man onto his nephew’s body. The aunt agrees, and the legs are packed in ice and rushed to the hospital, where they are successfully attached to Simon. There follow 9 months of painful rehabilitation, but eventually the brave young man is walking again.

When Matthew Kelly hears the moving story, he asks the medical miracle to come and appear on the show. This he does, and as Kelly is relaying the heart-rending story, there isn't a dry eye in the house. Matthew Kelly introduces the young man and asks him who he will be tonight.

Simon looks into the camera and says..."tonight Matthew, I'm going to be.………..Simon and Half Uncle"

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