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Food for thought...
(and apologies if the translation has mistakes in it !)

A Third World view of the American elections (gleaned from an article in which a Zimbabwe politician explains why schoolchildren should study this major event with much interest as it shows how electoral fraud is not just a Third World phenomenon)

Imagine the following scenario :

1. You read an article about an election taking place somewhere in the Third World in which the self-proclaimed winner is the son of a previous President who himself was also chief of the countryís secret police (CIA).

2. The self-proclaimed winner loses the peopleís vote but wins the election on the basis of an old electoral rule dating back to the countryís pre-democratic past.

3. The victory of the self-proclaimed winner depends entirely on the count of the votes cast in the province governed by his brother !

4. The outdated voting mechanism in one of the regions highly favourable to the adversary of the self-proclaimed winner leads thousands of voters to vote for a candidate they didnít choose.

5. The members of one of the most scorned social casts in the country, fearing for their jobs or their very lives, cast a record number of votes unanimously against the self-proclaimed winner.

6. Hundreds of members of this cast are arrested on their way to the voting offices by the state police under the authority of the brother of the self-proclaimed winner.

7. Six million people voted in this sought after province but the self-proclaimed winnerís margin of victory is only 327 votes. The margin of error of the counting machines is assuredly greater than this figure.

8. The self-proclaimed winner and his political party are opposed to a detailed examination and manual recount of the voting slips in this contested region, and even more so in the most disputed district.

9. The self-proclaimed winner, himself governor of a large region, is the biggest violator of human rights in the country, heading the list of the number of ordered capital executions per state.

10. The principal campaign promise of the self-proclaimed winner is to name, for life, to the nationís Supreme Court, individuals who, like him, transgress human rights.

Everyone would consider this election as being the demonstration of the hunger for power of the self-proclaimed winner. I think that each one of us would turn the page with the unpleasant impression of being yet again witness to the sorry history of a pre-democratic people living in a strange land.

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