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Three explorers and the cannibal chief
Three explorers were venturing through the jungle together when they were set upon by a tribe of cannibals. The cannibals took the explorers at spear-point to their village, where they were cast down in front of the cannibal chief.

The chief, being fluent in English, explained that he liked to vary his diet, but he didn't like to kill any man without giving him a fair chance to live. As a result he had developed a test to decide if a man should be set free, or diced and boiled in his own juices. The trial was described to the explorers...

"You must go out into the jungle and bring back ten pieces of the same type of fruit, then return here with them. Upon returning you will be told of the second and final stage of the trial."

So the explorers set out looking for fruit, knowing full well there was no escape at this point from the ever watchful cannibals. After a short while the first two explorers returned, bearing their fruit.

The first explorer had retrieved ten Passion fruit, and he approached the Chief with them. The chief spoke - "You must insert the fruit, one piece at a time, into your rectum, without flinching or showing ANY facial expression as you do so. Any sign of these will result in instant death!"

Nervously the first explorer lowers his trousers and starts to insert the first passion fruit. He's surprised to find how easy it is, and prepares to insert the second. As he does so it presses on the first, causing him to wince - The cannibals decend upon him and chop him into little pieces before dropping him into the pot.

The second explorer, upon watching this, has allowed himself a little smile (on the inside), for he has brought back cherries. He casually inserts the first, then the second, third, fourth, and so on until he reaches the tenth. As he inserts it, he laughs out loud, and is instantly killed!

Some time later, these two explorers meet up in heaven. The first explorer is surprised to see his companion there, and says "I can understand why I had problems, but you had cherries, what happened?"
"I couldn't help it" replies the second explorer, " as i was just inserting the last cherry I saw the other guy coming back with pineapples..."

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