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Amos's Retirment Home
Amos is getting on in years and his family decides that he is just too much of a burden anymore. Time to put him in a retirement home. So they take him out to Sunny Hills Retirement Community and install him in his now home.

After he was there for a few hours, a lovely young nurse comes and asks if he would like to spend a while on the sun porch. Amos says "Sure...hrmmmph, hrmmmph."

So Amos and the nurse are on the sun porch enjoying the sun, when Amos begins to lean to his left. The nurse, thinking that he is going to fall, pushes him back upright. A few minutes pass, and Amos again begins to lean, this time to his right. The nurse pushes him back upright. A few minutes later the scene is repeated. Finally, the nurse takes Amos back to his room.

The next day, Amos's friend Bob comes to visit. "How do you like it here?" asks Bob.

"Well" says Amos "it's OK, I guess. The bed ain't too soft and it ain't too hard. The food is OK. The people are nice. But, they sure don't want you to fart on the sun porch!"

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