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Gothic Rhapsody
Is this the goth life -
Is this normality -
Caught in a corset -
No escape from this apathy-
Eyeline your eyes
Get rid of your thighs and frooooown -
I'm just a goth boy, I need your Ennui -
Because I bleakly come, bleakly go,
Sometimes high, Always low,
Anyway my hair blows, doesn't really matter to me, -
to me -,

Mama, just bought a cloak,
Just walked into a goth shop,
and don't think I'll ever stop,
Mama, I used to look so nice,
But now I've gone and thrown it all away -
Mama, ooo,
Didn't mean to make you cry -
I just think that this look it sort of suits me -
I'm a goth I'm a doesn't really matter.....

Too late, My lipstick's on,
Sends shivers down your spine -
but I promise mum I'm fine,
Goodbye everybody -
I've got to go -
Gotta leave you all behind and dye my hair -
Mama, ooo -
I don't want to die,
I know it looks that way given the coffin -
and the bats and the skull
but it really doesn't matter.....

I drew a little stiletto sticking in a man,
Nephilim Nephilim now I'm listening to the Sisters
Thunderbolt and lightning really are exciting me -
Neil Gaiman, Neil Gaiman,
Neil Gaiman, Neil Gaiman
Neil Gaiman Robertsmith Marilyn Manso-o-o-o-o-o-n -
But I'm just a Goth boy and nobody loves me -
He's just a Goth boy - Pity his family family -
Did you see his hair its a monstrosity -
Easy come easy go -,
will you let me goth -
Hell fuck that No -,
we will not let you goth - let him goth
Hell fuck that - We will not let you goth - let him goth
Hell fuck that - We will not let you goth - let him goth
Will not let you goth - let me goth
Will not let you goth - let me goth
Goth, Goth, Goth, Goth, Goth, Goth, Gotho -
Mama mia mama mia, mama mia let me goth -
Beelzebub comes drinking down the pub with meee, with me , with me -

So you think you can take contacts out of my eye -
So you think you can just wash out all the black dyyye -
Oh Baby -
I happen to have a small one up two down flat reserved
especially for me and my cat Tabitha in Hades -
Just gotta get out -
just gotta get right outta here -

Black clothes really flatter,
Anyone can see,
Black clothes really flatter -,
Black clothes really look damn fine ooooon
meeeee,Anyway my hair blows...

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