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Blair goes to America.
Tony Blair goes to Washington and George Bush offers to take him for a ride in his helicopter. They fly out west over the mountains and Bush shows Blair a new dam, they see a small school in the valley below the dam. Bush decides to land at the school and show Blair how 'in touch' he is with ordinary Americans.
They go into a class and an English class is in progress, the word 'Disaster' is written on the board. Bush asks the teacher if he can take over the class, of course she is not going to argue with the President and she sits down at an empty desk. Blair sits down at another empty desk.
Bush asks the class,
'Who can tell me the meaning of the word disaster?'
A little boy puts up his hand and says
'If I was cycling home from school and got knocked down by a car, that would be a disaster.'
'Well, says George, that's pretty bad but that really is an accident. Can anybody else tell me a the meaning of the word disaster?'
A little girl puts up her hand and says 'If there was a heavy rain storm and the dam at the top of the valley burst and the school was washed away and everybody drowned, that would be a disaster.'
'Well, said George, that's also pretty bad but that's really a tradedy. Can anybody else tell me the meaning of the word disaster?'
There is a pause a little girl puts up her hand.
'If you were flying back to Washington with Tony Blair and a surface to air missile came up and blasted you and your helicopter to into a million pieces, that would be a disaster.'
'YES, says Bush,' that would be a disaster. Can anybody tell me WHY it would be a disaster?'
There is a long pause and then the little boy who had been on the bike put up his hand.
'Well it wouldn't be an accident and it certainly wouldn't be a tragedy.

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